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My goal from the start was to write a book that would be literary (which tends to mean, character driven), certainly, but have a very strong plot. I hope I’ve accomplished both. I always hoped that Here Among Us would be widely read by bookclubs; it seems to be that the family dynamics create a fertile ground for discussion.

I realize I can’t be at every book club discussion but with technology, I can make quite a few. Please feel free to contact me. I’d love to skype with your group some evening, if you supply the wine…

Book Club Questions

  1. Place plays a large role in many novels. Here Among Us takes place in a small town in Northern New Jersey called South Orange. There’s a train station in town that plays a major role in the story. What does the train moving through scenes as it does, symbolize?
  2. The bar, O’Shea’s, the apartment above the bar and the house on Sycamore Drive also play a prominent role in the story. Do these places impact Flynn more than her brother or sister? If so, how?
  3. Osheen’s perception of his sisters and mother is that they do not take him seriously. Did you find that to be true?
  4. How is Flynn different as a child from her adult self? How is she similar?
  5. Is Oona a good mother? What does being a good mother mean? Do the qualities that make a person a good mother change from one generation to the next?
  6. Of the three children, Osheen seems to be the most open to the idea that his father really is here among us. Why does that concept seem difficult for Maeve, Oona and Flynn.
  7. Who is Flynn’s biological father? Does it matter?
  8. Readers have had strong reactions to Maeve Tarrant; they either love her or hate her. What are Maeve’s redeeming qualities? What qualities make her difficult to like at all?
  9. The story is told in four voices; Maeve, Osheen, Flynn and Oona. Would you have liked to hear from Didi? Should the writer have allowed Jeffrey to tell his side of the story? 
  10. Was Oona a reliable narrator?